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Contact Dance company dancers Kevin and Chloe Shepherd perform Father Daughter (Image – Kate Green)

Contact Dance Company’s beautiful and moving duet ‘Father Daughter’ has been creating waves and softening hearts wherever it is performed. The piece performed by Kevin and Chloe Shepherd at Birmingham Mac as part of the Creative Minds conference,drew a big audience who were moved by the piece and applauded loudly.

Creative Minds Midlands was the fifth and final event in a series of groundbreaking conferences initiated by learning disabled artists.  It was led by a group of under-25s, under the banner ‘A Better Generation’. Creative Minds Midlands was a chance to learn from those young people with learning disabilities who are forging careers in the arts against the odds.

The performance was requested by the Creative Minds organising committee who felt that the duet was a great example of people working together to create high quality powerful performance.

After being showcased at Contact Dance Company’s celebration of duets ‘Twofold’ at Wolverhampton Arena, the work is being shown as part of an inclusive dance festival in Malta.

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