Dancers from Contact Dance Company spellbound a packed audience at The Gateway Centre in Shrewsbury. The evening was introduced by the chairperson of Shropshire Inclusive Dance board of directors Alison Overton.

Contact Dance Company began the evening by sharing a company dance warm-up. Including members of its ‘inclusive dance for beginners’ class held at the Gateway Centre. The warm up, led by co-director Ray Jacobs, shared with the audience the importance of connection between the dancers and the importance of truly arriving in the body.

Contact Dance Company dancers warming up


The first dance to be shared was ‘Unspoken’ A beautiful and tender duet performed and choreographed by Rachel Liggitt and Mervyn Bradley. This duet conjures up some of the many special qualities of Contact Dance Companies work, The importance of touch, connection and presence.



One duet followed another, two dancers with incredible physical and emotional qualities Michael Wall and Andrew Kelly performed ‘ While you broke through to other worlds’ One dancer launched to the heavens while the other was simply left standing, a theme exemplified by two incredibly different dancers finding powerful moments of togetherness and separation. The work was directed by Ray Jacobs



The inclusive education work of Shropshire Inclusive Dance who manage, direct and cherish Contact Dance Company was celebrated through the sharing of a short film ‘Flying High’. The film can be watched here



Twinning was the next duet to be shared. A beautiful, precise and strong duet performed by Delphine Wise and Anna Belyavin. The piece explores and celebrates the intuitive connection between twins. Fast paced, connected and tender, Twinning was choreographed by Rachel liggitt and the dancers.



The connection between father, daughter and place was explored through the next duet Father/Daughter


Father and daughter, Kevin Shepherd and Chloe Shepherd mesmerised the audience with an earthy, heartfelt celebration of their own connection.A story of Chloe’s birth to finding her own independence was danced, alongside her fathers journey of trepidation, fatherly protection, encouragement and letting go.

The work was choreographed by Rachel Liggitt and the dancers.



The evening culminated in an ensemble piece of 12 dancers entitled Signals. Signals was choreographed by Ray Jacobs and the dancers.

Taking the theme of signalling and lighthouses. The work celebrated the individuality of each dancer, Each person with their own way of reaching out and responding across distance or through touch. Landscapes were conjured only to melt away and disapeer. The final image of tall dancer Michael Wall signalling far away while another listened closely to his heart stayed with the audience.



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