SiD is a Charity (CIO) committed to inclusive dance practice.

Since 2012 we have delivered distinct, exemplary and creative driven dance projects, weekly classes and workshops, which facilitate individuals creativity, inclusion and community cohesion.

SiD is co-directed by Rachel Liggitt and Ray Jacobs who are experienced practitioners in producing distinctive inclusive dance performance and facilitating projects throughout the community. They create, facilitate and share work with many organisations and festivals, nationally and internationally.

SiD engages people with dance throughout the community. Working with people of all ages and abilities to share the joy of moving and moving together. Groups that SiD engage with include young children in special schools, youth groups, professional dance companies, and dementia support groups. SiD aims to make sure that everyone fulfills their right to watch and participate in dance regardless of age or ability.

Contact Dance is an inclusive company directed and managed by SiD. Contact Dance aims to create powerful and distinctive dance performance and support its company of disabled and non-disabled dancers in expressing themselves through the dance medium in a safe, supportive and accessible environment.

As well as creating performances and leading inclusive dance projects SiD offers training courses on leading inclusive dance with disabled and non-disabled people.

SiD is a CIO Charity based in Shropshire.