Contact Dance is an inclusive company of dancers with and without disabilities from Shropshire, Telford and beyond. The company is full of people who love dancing. The dancers are a variety of ages, some have danced all their lives and others have just begun.

We meet on a weekly basis; to enjoy dancing together, to develop a creative and expressive relationship with our own dancing bodies and to hone our dance skills.

The classes take place in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

We use dance styles from a range of genres including creative, contemporary, release, contact and improvisation based work. The techniques we do teach tend to focus more on how to use our body expressively rather then teaching specific sequences or routines. When we do teach sequences we acknowledge that everyone has different bodies and different ways of interpreting the phrases.

We aim for each session to find a balance between a professional focused atmosphere and one in which we can laugh, dance and express ourselves.

Contact Dance occasionally manages intensive performance and process based projects, and has performed and shared its work in a variety of settings including community and theatre venues.

Facilitation of the sessions and projects are currently shared between dance artists; Rachel Liggitt, Ray Jacobs and Anna Belyavin.

We are always open to new members becoming part of the company irrespective of previous dance experience and perceived ability.

Whilst Contact Dance receives support from Disability Arts Shropshire and The Gateway Arts and Education Centre it is an unfunded company run on goodwill, commitment and a love of dancing.

For enquires and further information about the company please contact:

Rachel Liggitt:

Ray Jacobs: