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Contact Dance Company are an inclusive dance company based in Shropshire, England.

CDC meets to explore and experience dancing together, to express artistry through dance and to create powerful contemporary dance performance. The company is made up of 12 dancers with and without disabilities; the company members are a variety of ages and come from very different backgrounds.  A love of dance and a sense of belonging, brings the company together.

CDC are part of Shropshire inclusive Dance. The company have been dancing and performing together since 2012. In the last 3 years the company has developed from a company who loved dancing and occasionally shared their work, to a dance company creating and touring performances on a yearly basis.

Rachel Liggitt and Ray Jacobs artistically direct the company. Both Rachel and Ray direct and choreograph work with the dancers. Guest choreographers are also invited and commissioned to make new work with the company.

Recent programmes of work have included;
Unknown Places (2018) an ensemble piece directed by Joanna Young
and Two Fold – a series of duets including Father/Daughter (2017) – Choreographed by dancers Kevin Shepherd & Chloe Shepherd with Rachel Liggitt.
The company are currently working on a new piece ‘Being Seen’ which will be premiered in Shrewsbury at Theatre Severn on Saturday July 16th 2019.


A full list of Contact Dance Company rep and past works with images and video clips can be found here.

The companies physical practise

The company meet on a weekly basis; to enjoy dancing together, to develop a creative and expressive relationship with our own dancing bodies and to hone our dance skills.

The classes take place in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

We use dance styles from a range of genres including creative, contemporary, release, contact and improvisation based work. The techniques we do teach tend to focus more on how to use our body expressively rather then teaching specific sequences or routines. When we do teach sequences we acknowledge that everyone has different bodies and different ways of interpreting the phrases.

We aim for each session to find a balance between a professional focused atmosphere and one in which we can laugh, dance and express ourselves.

Contact Dance  manages intensive performance and process based projects, and has performed and shared its work in a variety of settings including community and theatre venues.

We are always open to new members becoming part of the company irrespective of previous dance experience and perceived ability.

Contact Dance Company receives support from Arts Council England and The Gateway Arts and Education Centre

For enquires and further information about the company please contact:

Rachel Liggitt: rachelsidance@gmail.com

Ray Jacobs: raysidance@gmail.com