A lovely group of adults, children, family, and friends came together to explore and enjoy dancing together. The movement themes we worked with facilitated by Rachel plus the beautiful music from Noel and Michael meant we could express our dancing selves to the full. It was great to dance with dancers from inclusive dance company Frontline who came down all the way from Stoke. We focused on dancing in contact and it being safe and creative for us all, finding a democratic dance language of touch that we all felt held and released by .



The final ‘Dancing together at Last’ is on Sunday 29th March from 1.15pm – 4pm at The Trinity Centre, Meole Brace, Shrewsbury and costs £7.50

To book your place please contact

Rachel Liggitt – r_liggitt@yahoo.co.uk

Ray Jacobs – jacobsray@hotmail.com

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