Contact Dance Company Class has been a great space this term for us to reconnect with each other as a dance company and connect with and wake up our dancing selves. Under the fantastic guidance of Rachel Liggitt, we have rediscovered our joy in dancing and moving together and what it is to be a company of dancers.

We connected with the floor, we had missed rolling, turning, falling, sinking into the floor. We reconnected with the air around us, to reach into, to turn together, to balance, to feel the air stir as another dancer fly’s past. Most importantly we reconnected with each other, moving together, building energy, catching glimpses, echoes, surfing on synchronicity.

We aim for company class to be an inclusive, focused, creative, challenging and enjoyable space where we can develop and grow as a company and as dancers. We are open to experienced dancers who are new to the company in particular experienced dancers with physical disabilities to come and try out the class with us.

We look forward to company classes continuing in the new year.

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