Shropshire Inclusive Dance co-director Rachel Liggitt is running a two day course on inclusive dance practice in February.

The 2-day weekend intensive for practitioners who want to gain skills, knowledge and experience in inclusive dance practice and who would relish a weekend of dancing in a beautiful space with others.

Workshop content

Inspiring and informative workshop, an ‘absolute must’ for all movement and dance practitioners interested in inclusive arts. The session will include lots of practical creative exploration. Attendees will be invited to be active agents in the workshop, participating in small and large group discussions and dancing, practical tasks and explorations.

The workshop will be inspiring, motivational in nature and highly reflective for all who attend. The aim will be to create a safe, supportive and challenging environment allowing for enquiry and open dialogue. Delivery of the session will be carefully structured and facilitated reaching all attendees by utilizing a range of approaches.

The workshop will include:

  • Insight into Rachel’s unique inclusive practice approach.
  • Introduction to the language of inclusion.
  • Presenting practical ways to create an environment where individual learning can prosper.
  • Insight into working with sensory, physical and learning disabled participants.
  • Lots of dancing and moving and trying out dance ideas
  • A shopping trolley of improvisational ideas and starting points. Tasks and games to explore and take away.
  • A break down of good inclusive dance practice, exploration of processes and techniques.
  • Considerations when creating work for performance.
  • How to structure a class.
  • Gathering resources.
  • Strategies to support individualised learning.
  • Setting and monitoring goals.
  • A useful handbook to take away.
  • Reflecting upon our practice and moving forward….

If you are interested in this course and would like more information, please contact course administrator Anna Belyavin via email – with ‘inclusive dance intensive’ as the subject or by phone on 07738425742

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