Unspoken is a moving, powerful duet about friendship.
How do we speak without words ?

Dancers, Mervyn Bradley and Rachel Liggitt have worked together for over a decade, their friendship, playfulness and connection is there for all to see in this duet.

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‘I’ve never seen my son sit on the edge of his seat like that before, watching the duet between Rachel Liggitt and Mervyn Bradley unfold. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him softly mirroring movements from the dancers, as a parent your instinct is to hush, to worry about disturbing the performance for others, but this was his response to the performance and my instinct said let him be’

‘His response came from the environment the performers had created, by connecting with us, the audience. They made us feel a part of it, drawing us into a duet for two, but we were also immersed in the moments of touch, the friendship, the meeting and parting’

Audience member Feast Festival, Malvern 

Dancers: Mervyn Bradley and Rachel Liggitt.
Directed by Rachel Liggitt
Music by Peter Broderick

Promotion and Technical Information
Duration 10 minutes
Stage space needed adaptable to different locations – Min 4m x 4m
Number of dancers 2
Matinee and evening performances available
Technical set up  – adaptable
Inclusive workshops and residencies focusing on this work with SiD directors, outreach team and dancers are available.

Please watch the highlights video below, produced by JTV Productions