The details of the hands is an atmospheric trio following an improvisational score developed by choreographer Joanna Fong.


3 dancers connect with each other and the world around them playfully and tenderly. The trio culminates in a powerful solo by dancer Mervyn Bradley. Mervyn Bradley conjures the forces of the natural world composing the world around him.

The dancers were beautiful; from the measured, dynamic movements of the all-male duet, to the warm flow of the structured improvisation of the trio. I wanted to dance in that trio too, they made it look like so much fun. The way they connected with us as an audience is to me a huge part of what dance is about.

Promotion and Technical Information
Duration 10 minutes
Stage space needed adaptable to different locations – Min 4m x 4m
Number of dancers 3
Matinee and evening performances available
Technical set up  – adaptable
Inclusive workshops and residencies focusing on this work with SiD directors, outreach team and dancers are available.