Father Daughter

Father Daughter is a tender portrayal of a father and daughters relationship.
The piece is directed by Rachel Liggitt and performed by real life father and daughter, Kevin and Chloe Shepherd.

Father Daughter

The dance is inspired by Kevin and Chloe’s shared love of dance and their family home, a secluded cottage nestled in a wood.

Music by Best of Village Harmony, The Full English, M.Ward & Kayhan Kalhor

‘We witness the hard work of winter life at the cottage, the chopping of wood and the fuelling of fires. Throughout the narrative, Chloe’s journey to maturity is conveyed by hints of gentle conflict between father and daughter; her desire for independence confronting his awareness that parental protectiveness must now be accompanied by detachment and an encouragement of freedom. He retreats into the shadows and we are left with Chloe in a spotlight, standing alone, venturing forth as her own self-reliant woman’
Audience Member

Dancers: Chloe Shepherd, Kevin Shepherd
Directed by Rachel Liggitt

Promotion and Technical Information
Duration 12 minutes
Stage space needed adaptable to different locations – Min 4m x 4m
Number of dancers 2
Matinee and evening performances available
Technical set up  – adaptable
Inclusive workshops and residencies focusing on this work with SiD directors, outreach team and dancers are available.