Brokethrough is a duet performed by two male dancers exploring the dynamic of staying together and moving away.

‘You pressed the button to launch yourself, while I was outside’. A dancers speaks a line from an Adem Lihan song, while walking casually around a dancer who is stretching balancing and expanding towards the sky.

Performed by Andrew Kelly and Michael Wall
Directed by Ray Jacobs. Music by Balmorhea.



Audience Feedback

There remains a certainty that each man is facilitating and inspiring the other in his choices of direction. They resemble machines or rockets preparing for take off and landing, the self-contained movements erupting into sudden initiations of contact; launching, throwing, clasping, pushing. Aptly, Andrew’s and Michael’s voices ‘break through’ the music at the start and the end, reminding us that this is not a mechanical process, but very much a human one.